Sir Menau

Music... My music.

Mostly finished original pieces, but sometimes unfinished pieces. I like doing Touhou arrangements and covers of other songs.

Everything released here is under a Creative Commons license: Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike

Nocturne N°2 in G minor, a birthday present finished a few days ago.

Waltz N°1 in E min, piano solo.

Sheet music here.

Sixth demo of a musical project I have with some friends (which is progressive experimental death metal). Here’s my contribution to our first album (not released yet).

A theme I’m doing for a webcomic. It’s still a work in progress, volume levels not adjusted. What you hear is the first theme and some development. The work is mainly in E major, then switches for some bars to G# minor and goes back to E maj and then to F# min.

Waltz N°1 in E Minor. Not exactly a waltz but I bet someone will be able to dance to this.

Second movement of this. At least what I have.

Concerto N°2 in E minor and maybe something else in the development. Just finished it a few hours ago.

Sonata N°3, in B minor. For piano. Enjoy. The complete set is here.

Second movement of my third sonata in B minor.

Preview of an arrangement using Showtime’s theme. Yes, it’s a fugue. My first fugue.